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We are professional, courteous, caring, gentle and kind to all animals.  We Love our Bougie Babies!

Pam Lea has over 20 years of being the dog whisperer with plenty of experience making her pets happy, calm and comfy with her special care grooming techniques.  She knows everyone by name.


We have a variety of services and we cater to the high-demand Bougie Babies and their parents.

Specialty Haircuts
Bath & Blowout
Nail Trimming
Nail Buffing
Ear Cleanings
Gland Expression

Bougie Babies was founded by Pam Lea.  Her love for animals goes way back to her young childhood.  She always knew she wanted to work with animals but did not know in what way.  Pam started grooming in Valdosta, GA. in 1995.

Bougie Babies was originally inspired by her own fur babies. They are both spoiled rotten, and Pam could never see them being treated anything other than Bougie! They deserve to be pampered and who better to pamper them than their mama?

Her friend's dog Cooper has given her the right inspiration to start up her pet grooming business again.  Pampered Dogs & Cats have always found Pam somehow during her entire lifetime.

Pet Nail Trimming of Dogs Paw
Pam Lea - Owner of Bougie Babies Pet Grooming


Client Success Stories: Hear What Our Clients & Pets have to Say

I love going to Bougie Babies and getting my nails clipped.  It keeps me out of serious trouble. 

I am just a little Angel

Kitty Pooh

Saint Petersburg, FL


I can't wait to see Pam.  I like the way she keeps my hair out of my eyes and gives me a little treat if I keep still.


Flemming, FL

Dog named Cooper

Bougie Babies is definitely for me because I am a material girl with high maintenance and I love the attention I get after I visit Pam


Flemming, FL

Pampered Princess Dog

We love to help your fur babies be happy and healthy.  Our mission is to Groom with the highest care and quality one can offer our special little furry friends.  We take great pride and joy in each and every critter.  Both great and small we love them.  We are on this earth with them so let's make the best experiences as we can.

Our pets love us no matter what and give us great happiness.  We can learn from our pets how to love one another unconditionally.

Helping the fur baby members of your family look and feel Great!


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